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Day One (June 3rd, Wednesday)
Registration / Morning Refreshments
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Prospects for EV deployment and its policy environment in China
  1. Determining EV & PHEV adoption as a sustainable solution to environmental problems posed by growing automobile ownership
  2. What can be learned from a series of national, provincial and municipal incentives to boost electric vehicle sales over the past couple of years?
  3. Scrutinizing the technological challenges in vehicle electrification: battery, battery management, electric motor and motor controller
How to further promote electric vehicles into families in a more supportive policy environment?
  1. Vehicle OEMs' views on China's "draft subsidy program for new-energy vehicles 2016-2020": What is needed beyond policy incentives?
  2. How to tackle challenging market conditions in the wake of the exit of supportive policies?
  3. Why car quality is ultimately the key to stable and sustained sales growth
  4. Winning strategy in all fields of electric vehicles
The electric vehicle strategy for China with persistent excellence in safety, reliability, power and convenience
  1. How to strike a balance between the highest level of user safety and the maximised driving fun & convenience?
  2. Winning strategy for the highly competitive luxury EV market
  3. Identifying the roadmap for charging infrastructure development in China
Coffee break & networking
Status quo and prospects for China's technological advances in vehicle electrification and EV charging
  1. Interpreting China's policy guidance for the technology advancement in EV propulsion, battery management and rapid-charging
  2. What are hindering the mass production and consumption of EVs in China on a technological basis?
  3. Understanding the mainstream EV-related technologies going forward and potential problems to contain
Probing into China's lackluster EV charging facility development
  1. Investigating the challenges in tapping into China's EV charging network development as a non-electricity distributor
  2. Suggestions for an accelerated and improved development of charging infrastructure
Understanding the alterations and implications of Beijing's policy and regulation supporting EV adoption
  1. With Beijing cancelling the list of recommended cars, will such move to ease admission policy give a boost to buying interest?
  2. Is the fact PHEVs cannot enjoy subsidies in Beijing having a negative impact on vehicle sales?
The new era of "Green Mass Transit" in China
  1. Is there a point when commercial electric vehicles would take a larger proportion in mass transit?
  2. Expectations for the policy: Whether it can be possible to fund electric buses while reducing the subsidies for conventional fuel consumption
  3. How to prompt the bus and taxi to become the guiding forefront of electric vehicle industrialization?
  4. Assessing the feasibility of letting pure-electric bus and dual-source trolleybus complement each other
  5. Is the set-up of urban electricity grid the only difficulty in promoting dual-source trolleybus?
Global electric vehicle market: Outlook, challenges and opportunities
  1. Understanding the status quo of EV sales in the world's key auto markets
  2. What is the price to pay for the electric vehicle market to strengthen?
  3. Where vehicle electrification will be headed for the years to come
Coffee Break & Partnership Building
Prospects for wireless charging solution amid China's lackluster EV charging network development
  1. Assessing wireless charging's growth potential in China in light of a slew of challenges in deploying charging facilities as soon as expected
  2. Understanding wireless charging's advantages compared with traditional EV charging
  3. What next for wireless charging in the electric vehicle market in the wake of its application in mass transit?
Scrutinizing the status quo of EV charging network development in China
  1. Why the pace of charging facility construction failed to catch the growth of car sales
  2. Has the slower-than-expected charging infrastructure development eventually resulted in subdued buying interest for now?
  3. How to set up an EV charging eco-system?
Panel Discussion: Looking into the new changes and alterations in China's EV market and the implications for future business models, commercialization and technological applications
  1. Assessing the effects of the recent incentives on EV sales such as purchase tax exemptions and granting more quotas and subsidies for buyers
  2. Is there anything else required to boost buying interest in addition to the existing supportive policies?
  3. Identifying the pushes for an EV charging station network by SOEs, local private enterprises, and multinationals and the impact on EV adoption and the EV charging market
  4. What are real consumer concerns and expectations for purchasing and using an electric vehicle on the back of the lackluster sales?
Chairperson's Concluding Remarks
Day Two (June 4th, Thursday)
Registration / Morning Refreshments
Chairperson's Remarks
Finding out the battery, battery material and battery management technology best serving the Chinese EV market
  1. Understanding the latest round of supportive policies for EV adoption and its implications for the vehicle battery market
  2. Assessing the performances of lithium iron phosphate and nickel-cobalt-aluminum for EV battery manufacturing in cost, mileage, safety and environment
  3. How far are we from a China-made battery management system?
Discerning consumer appetite toward electric vehicles in the highly competitive Chinese auto market
  1. Identifying GM's electrification strategy in China in the face of higher demand for better driving experience and charging efficiency
  2. Why extended-range electric vehicles are more favorable for EV popularization in China
The outlook for the leading EV charging solution going forward
  1. What are the key consumer concerns and technological & commercial hurdles faced by EV charging across major auto markets and China in particular?
  2. Could fast charging contribute to a wider and accelerated deployment of electric vehicles?
  3. Prospects for direct current fast chargers with innovations designed for user convenience and safety in China
Coffee break & networking
What next for electric motor's technology, performance, quality and cost optimization?
Analyzing the key considerations in developing powertrain systems for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles
  1. Is it possible to ensure safety and reliability with lower production costs?
  2. How to meet the needs of captious buyers in terms of driving experience and convenience?
Keeping pace with the trend towards innovative and cost-saving automotive battery technologies
  1. Do auto batteries appear to be the biggest technological and commercial challenges facing China's stagnant EV sector?
  2. Is there a point when extended range and rapid refuelling, user safety, lower costs and energy efficiency can be achieved at the same time?
Exploring the next-generation key technologies and materials in leading EV battery technological revolution
  1. Identifying new battery materials and their effects on improved battery performance
  2. Battery costs and energy density: Still two key hurdles faced by global EV sector growth?
  3. Prospects for advanced lithium battery and its key materials characterized by high energy density, high safety, long-lasting life, and low cost
Spotlight on EV charging infrastructure development in China's big cities
  1. A close look at the super charging station in Shanghai and the solar charging stations in Beijing
  2. How a solar charging station takes effect in reliable charging and energy saving
  3. Why EV renting can be an alternative to further EV adoption in China
  4. Evaluating the feasibility of various business models: How to profit from EV charging?
Chairperson's Closing Remarks


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